Let Your Funky Side Hang Out With Chic Animal Skins


Let Your Funky Side Hang Out With Chic Animal Skins Empty Let Your Funky Side Hang Out With Chic Animal Skins

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Even though you may think that animal skins are in and out of style every few years, animal prints are really always in style and always very alluring. Animal skins can be a fashion mistake or the definition of trendiness, depending on moncler outlet how you use it. Find out how to wear it the correct way and what you should wear with it, weather you're a plain kind of girl or into the latest punky fashions.

Animal skins have come stampeding in from the jungle onto the fashion scene. From shoes and handbags to zebra print pants and leopard print jackets, this stylish, trendy and funky style may be here for the long haul. Here are some tips to wear your animal print clothing in style, without looking overly garish or loud.

When deciding on how to wear your animal print, whether you choose leopard or giraffe, make sure that the look is true to your true sense of style. If you usually have a classical look, pick something like a leopard print doudoune moncler coat with a pretty black dress underneath. Keep all other accessories plain and simple - you really do not want to over do it! If your style is more funky and modern, try pairing your animal skin with a bright color like hot pink or lime green. Animal prints are fashionable as a compliment to neutral colors and solid color-schemes, moncler coat especially white, basic black, coffee bean brown, and beige, so make sure to follow the lead of the tribal and safari trends to look fashionable in your animal skins.

Despite the safari fashion trend, nobody should really feel like they have just moncler gamme bleu come back from a safari in Zimbabwe when standing next to you! This year, you can hunt down every animal skin in the jungle: from the classic cheetah print, to more rare items featuring zebra stripes or giraffe spots. However, you need to restrain yourself! An animal print will look its best when you wear it on only one or two garments of your outfit. These out-of-the-jungle animal prints will grab attention everywhere you go, but going over the top it will not make you any more stylish. Remember, less is more, especially when it comes to animal prints.


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